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552 Middle Neck Road
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We are a Holistic Health Center offering Nutrition, Massage, and Therapeutic Body Work. In addition, we are the only Holistic Health Care Center on Long Island with a practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu®. The ancient Japanese Art of  balancing the energies of our complete beings.

Massage Services

The Antidote for Stress

Swedish Massage

Our classic European Massage involves the use of oils along with the familiar long strokes, kneading and other specialized techniques which are aimed at restoring the balance and enhancing the function of the muscular, lymphatic, and circulatory systems. Modern research has now documented its many beneficial effects and a regular massage is considered to be GOOD PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE in the treatment of:
-Neck, Shoulder Pain
-Migraine Headaches
-High Blood Pressure
-Energy Imbalance
-Body Misalignment
-Muscle, Strain, Injuries
-Digestive Disturbances
-Bursitis, Edema
-Stress, Fatigue
-Joint Swelling
-Chronic Pain


Oriental Massage

Ancient healing techniques based on the traditional Chinese Medical System of Acupuncture, which use hand and finger pressure instead of needles on specific acupuncture points. Along with meridians (energy pathways) which help create the balance and free flow of one's own internal life force energy (chi).

Sports MAssage

This therapeutic massage conditions and restores the muscles by clearing the trigger points and metabolic wastes which are the by-products of exercise and muscle fatigue. For the competitor, pre and post massages enhance athletic performance and hastens recovery time. It is also an effective treatment in the management of common sports injuries: tennis elbow, wrist, knee, and ankle issues.

A seated massage treatment of head, neck, shoulders, and back to release muscular tension and emotional stress.

CHAIR MASSAGE                                                

Moist Heat THERapy

Hydrocollator Packs are applied to the neck and back which raises the temperature of soft tissues below the surface of the skin. This treatment enlarges blood vessels below the surface to increase circulation, relax muscle tension, reduce joint stiffness, and prepare tissues for a Therapeutic Massage.



We use fine quality essential oils of flowers, plants, and trees during your massage session. These living essences are blended to your specific needs to help reduce stress, fatigue, headache, indigestion, and variety of other problems.