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This website serves as the online dispensary of Board Certified Nutritionist, Dr. Joseph Debé. It is the culmination of thousands of hours of study and scrutiny of nutritional supplements over the past 25 years. I offer the best professional quality supplements.


Enzyme Defense

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Enzyme Defense

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Enzyme Defense


60 capsules

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Supplemental proteases administered orally on an empty stomach have been shown to be absorbed and carried into the bloodstream. While in the bloodstream, proteases bind to alpha-II macroglobulin (A2M). As a complex, the bound protease circulates through the body to become part of the immune system. The protease functions therapeutically by promoting cellular repair and recovery in addition to encouraging a healthy inflammatory response.

Enzyme defense offers a synergistic blend of therapeutic proteolytic enzymes to support healthy immune function and cardiovascular wellness. Enzyme Defense contains the enzymes nattokinase, serratiopeptidase, catalase and Mucolase. Scientific evidence shows the proteolytic enzymes nattokinase and serratiopeptidase support healthy circulation and speed recovery. These proteases may also stimulate phagocytes (cells that ingest foreign particles and debris) and accelerate elimination by way of the lymphatic system.

Nattokinase NSK-SD has been known to support healthy circulation due to its high fibrinolytic (breaks down fibrin) and antioxidant activity. Similarly, serratiopeptidase works to support vascular health through improved circulation and tissue repair. Mucolase is a protein digesting enzyme targeted to break down excess mucus. Mucolase offers natural, non-drowsy support for occasional congestion.

Enzymes Defense also includes Vitamin D3, well-studied for its support of healthy cardiovascular funcation and immunity. Considered the natural from of vitamin D, D3 is also synthesized in the skin in response to exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays. Supplementation is encouraged to promote seasonal well-being.

Critical to the synergy of the Enzyme Defense formula is the addition of L-lysine, an essential amino acid that must be obtained from food and supplements. Lysine, a building block for proteins, plays an important role in maintaining proper growth and repair.