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This website serves as the online dispensary of Board Certified Nutritionist, Dr. Joseph Debé. It is the culmination of thousands of hours of study and scrutiny of nutritional supplements over the past 25 years. I offer the best professional quality supplements.


Select Greens

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Select Greens

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Select Greens


11 oz. (30 servings)

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Other ingredients: Natural lemon flavor, organic stevia leaf, tapioca maltodextrin.

Low-grade metabolic acidosis, a common finding in patients today, is associated with a number of health problems including bone loss, obesity, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and decreased general feelings of wellbeing.   While exacerbated by stress, metabolic acidosis typically results from poor dietary habits, namely a high intake of processed foods, refined grains, animal products and sugars. However, even nutritional regimes that are widely considered healthy, such as popular Paleo-style diets, may not supply adequate amounts of mineral-rich plant foods to offset the reduction in physiological pH that high protein/low carb programs are known to induce. High quality greens supplements have consistently been shown to help raise pH and alkalinize the body, boost energy levels and improve clinical outcomes in men and women of all ages.  Select Greens™ offers a premium blend of alkalizing, 100% organic powdered fruits, vegetables, microalgae, sprouts and grasses. Naturally high in antioxidants and detoxifying chlorophyll, Select Greens™ provides meaningful amounts of broken-cell chlorella and spirullina plus OPC-rich extracts of grape skins and seeds for vessel-protecting antioxidant benefits, and a vegetarian digestive enzyme complex to help enhance product absorption.