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This website serves as the online dispensary of Board Certified Nutritionist, Dr. Joseph Debé. It is the culmination of thousands of hours of study and scrutiny of nutritional supplements over the past 25 years. I offer the best professional quality supplements.




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 Enerphos is a superior replacement for Cortiphos

Cortiphos™ is the next generation of adrenal fatigue and cortisol support supplement. We have worked hand in hand with the chemist who created the orginal phosphorylated serine supplement to bring our customers the best supplement possible. Cortiphos™ contains phosphorylated serine as well as ethanolamine phosphate present as calcium and magnesium salts. Both phosphorylated serine and ethanolamine phosphate are primarily utilized to reduce the impact of stress by providing relief to your adrenal glands and support normal cortisol levels.

About Phosphorylated Serine in Cortiphos

Phosphorylated serine is the active form of the nutrient phosphatidyl serine that is chelated with calcium and magnesium. This is one of the factors that make Cortiphos™ unique. Clinically phosphorylated serine is better absorbed when ethanolamine salts are present. The body can also utilize ethanolamine phosphate to form phospholipids known as Cephalins which are present in myelin that insulates the nerves. Both phosphate esters are good chelating agents for minerals such as calcium and magnesium enabling them to be effectively absorbed.

What is Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal glands are endocrine glands that sit atop the kidneys and are chiefly responsible for releasing hormones like cortisol in response to stress. Adrenal fatigue occurs when the adrenal gland is not functioning at optimal levels, this is usually a result of stress. Adrenal fatigue can manifest itself as a chronic tiredness that many experience. Adrenal fatigue can affect anyone who experiences frequent, persistent or severe mental, emotional or physical stress. If you have been experiencing the constant stress of today’s fast paced life you may be suffering from adrenal fatigue.

Why Normal Cortisol is Important

At normal levels cortisol works to cool inflammation and minimize oxidation under times of stress. If you become resistant to cortisol you will remain in a state of heighted stress. Studies have shown that phosphorylated serine can reduce resistance to cortisol feedback in those who experience adrenal fatigue.

Cortisol resistance can also prevent the brain from recording new memories and from accessing existing memories. Phosphorylated serine has been shown to have positive effects on memory retention and recall by preventing age-related neurotransmitter deterioration or decline.

Cortiphos benefits:

  • supporting normal cortisol levels
  • combating adrenal fatigue
  • memory and learning
  • supporting and invigorating cognitive functions
  •  combating neurotransmitter deterioation or decline

Suggested Usage

Take 1-2 capsules daily between meals with plenty of water.

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