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This website serves as the online dispensary of Board Certified Nutritionist, Dr. Joseph Debé. It is the culmination of thousands of hours of study and scrutiny of nutritional supplements over the past 25 years. I offer the best professional quality supplements.




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DHEA makes you look younger and feel healthier.

DHEA is a substance produced by the adrenal glands, brain, skin, and other tissues. From it the body makes various hormones,        including testosterone. The body’s DHEA production peaks at puberty in women and at about age 20 in men, then decreases with        age. A shortage of DHEA can therefore result in shortages of other hormones, some of which are important regulators of processes        in the body.       

Studies of DHEA have found evidence to support such uses as:

  • controlling fat and obesity
  • reducing lipodystrophy (fat redistribution) caused by HIV drugs
  • lowering cortisol levels. (The hormone cortisol promotes the storage of internal fat — the fat responsible for protruding          bellies.)         
  • lowering reducing cholesterol levels and the incidence of atherosclerosis
  • elevating the body’s production of testosterone and estrogens; improving libido
  • inhibiting cancers of the breast, prostate, colon, liver, and skin
  • strengthening bone in both sexes; building muscle
  • reducing joint pain
  • improving skin pigmentation and strengthening the skin
  • preventing venous ulceration, accelerating wound-healing
  • enhancing immunity
  • improving cognition in HIV patients
  • reducing depression
  • reducing fatigue; increasing alertness
  • reducing incidence of lupus flares
  • decreasing menopausal symptoms; increasing fertility.

Studies in humans and other mammals suggest other possible uses for DHEA:

  • reducing incidence and severity of multiple sclerosis
  • inhibiting progression or reducing symptoms of Parkinson’s
  • ameliorating allergies such as atopic dermatitis and allergy-induced asthma
  • preventing herpes virus type 2 encephalitis
  • preventing diabetes, and increasing insulin sensitivity in diabetics
  • increasing neuronal growth and survival.

LifeLink’s DHEA is micronized to improve absorption. The bioavailability may be further improved by combining it with a dose        of piperine (Bioperine®).

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